WP Bench 2 je v Marketplace, s online žebčky (Windows Phone)
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Autor:  Robin_CG [ pá 19. srpen 2011, 11:15 ]
Předmět:  WP Bench 2 je v Marketplace, s online žebčky (Windows Phone)

před pár hodinami se nový WP Bench objevil v Marketplacu, posílám "oficiální" info co jsem si připravil. Určitě by bylo dobré aby o infu k updatu vědělo co nejvíce bývalých uživatelů aplikace.

V aplikaci je zajímavá např. možnost sledovat nejnovější hardware - v současnosti již trackujeme uživatele s přístrojem Fujitsu IS12T.



short news: new version of WP Bench hit the Marketplace just few hours ago. WP Bench is by many a standard benchmarking tool for Windows Phone, or "one of the most comprehensive benchmarking utility [the Engadget] seen so far..." First version had approx. 4.79 stars from 5 with more than 41000 users. As many users wanted online charts and score in form of “this is bad, average, or great” new WP Bench does both in a big way. Users can publish their (speed test and battery test) scores to the online charts, compare with others or just browse pies of OS versions, maufacturers, devices and, what’s important to many, sneak for new unreleased devices etc.

Notice: as we are finally able to publish apps in our country, I don’t need the account Microsoft Czech provided me in February. So I’ve transferred WP Bench to my new personal account. Problem is that users of old WP Bench will not be notified about the new version today released. Please download the new version as scores from both versions are not comparable.

New WP Bench features deeply tweaked tests (CPU singlethreaded, CPU multithreaded, memory and storage read/write with configurable block size, GPU acceleration, display color reproduction and battery life), new online charts with ability to publish your score to the database and its trial version is FULL featured and $free. It's now also available in new markets, for example Japan.

Screens are here:

Best regards,
Robert Varga

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