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Autor Zpráva
 Předmět: reshade 4.5.1
PříspěvekZaslal v: út 17. prosinec 2019, 19:59 
Středně pokročilý
Středně pokročilý
Obrázek uživatele

Založen: 14. březen 2004
Bydliště: Ostrava Poruba


Rework depth buffer detection code for all APIs again (They are now more similar, including more options for OpenGL)
Switched to using SPIR-V for shaders in OpenGL 4.6 for better performance (this needs recent drivers to work correctly)
Added UI widgets for preprocessor definitions to the variable list
Added compiler error when passing a r-value to an out parameter of a function
Added compiler error when a pass is missing shader functions
Added shader signature verification to effect compiler
Added support for assignment chains to ReShade FX (e.g. "a = b = c = 0;")
Added adjustment buttons to combo box widget and label to radio button list
Added option to show only specific color components in texture preview
Added context menu to technique list to edit included files in addition to the main source file
Added support for texture pooling via "pooled" annotation

texture MyTex1 < pooled = true; > { Width = 100; Height = 100; Format = RGBA8; };
texture MyTex2 < pooled = true; > { Width = 100; Height = 100; Format = RGBA8; };

ReShade will now attempt to re-use the same memory for textures with the same dimensions and format if the pooled annotation is set. This works across effect files too.
Added "ui_text" annotation for uniform variables to display custom text above the variable widget (see screenshot above)

uniform float test < ui_text = "This is text that will be rendered above the widget in the variable list"; >;

Added support for GPU timings in Vulkan
Added environment variable to override path ReShade should load the next DLL from
You can now set "RESHADE_MODULE_PATH_OVERRIDE" to a directory for ReShade to load the next DLL, so you can chain ReShade with other injectors
Added OpenGL version information to log
Improved compiler error recovery for parsing errors in function parameter list and annotations
Improved Vulkan command buffer management (which improves performance)
Improved multi-threading of effect loading
Changed setup tool to install global Vulkan layer while it is open (fixes issues with RDR2)
Changed setup tool to use .NET framework 4.5 again for backwards compatibility
Changed texture preview to be hidden when effects are disabled
Changed COM reference counting behavior to better match COM requirements
Change default preset path to executable directory for Vulkan compatibility
Fixed memory leak in Vulkan (which worsened every frame)
Fixed depth buffer detection in Vulkan
Fixed setup tool not updating search paths to absolute paths in Vulkan
Fixed HLSL compiler error for variables that are named "Technique" or "Pass"
Fixed effect compile error with "discard" statement as last statement in a function with a return value
Fixed effect compiler error in pass definition not causing effect compile to fail
Fixed effect compiler error when multiple casts are chained in an expression
Fixed annotation assignments not supporting literal expressions (you can now write stuff like "< ui_min = 1 + 2; >")
Fixed effect compiler sometimes reporting duplicated syntax errors
Fixed crash in effect compiler when encountering an undeclared identifier in a shader pass state
Fixed empty preprocessor macros not being evaluated correctly
Fixed GLSL code generation for matrix indexing
Fixed GLSL code generation for vertex shaders with a return semantic
Fixed GLSL code generation for some component-wise operations
Fixed GLSL code generation for entry points with underscores in the name
Fixed GLSL code generation for boolean values in index expressions
Fixed GLSL code generation for arithmetic with matrices that are not floating-point
Fixed D3D10/11 depth stencil view creation failing in some games (e.g. ArmA 3)
Fixed OpenGL depth texture creation failing for games using format "GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT" (e.g. Mugen 1.1)
Fixed OpenGL states not being restored during texture upload, which caused texture artifacts in some games
Fixed crash if "wglMakeCurrent" was called on an OpenGL context that was not hooked
Fixed access to textures in vertex shaders in D3D9 (limited to 4 bindings though)
Fixed "UseAspectRatioHeuristics" option not being stored in a config file in D3D9
Fixed wrong color write mask when there is more than one render target in D3D9
Fixed Vulkan performance mode using wrong values
Fixed current depth stencil inheritance in D3D12 buffer detection
Fixed shared textures being deleted prematurely if a single effect is unloaded
Fixed preset switching always falling back to DLL directory for next preset
Fixed position of slider buttons
Fixed slider buttons being able to change value outside the valid range due to floating-point precision errors
Fixed splash bar no longer appearing on reload after reloading a single effect
Fixed scaling up the font size causing cropping some buttons and the display of textures on the statistics page
Removed format filtering from depth buffer detection
Removed tutorial skip button for all but the first tutorial step


Added "Ctrl + F" search support to code editor
Added "bufready_depth" source for bool uniform variables to check if depth buffer is available
Added error when going over the active effect limit of 50 in Vulkan
Added "Reset to default" context menu entry for preprocessor definitions
Added support for uniform matrix variables to UI and presets
Added list of effect files that failed to compile to "Home" page
Added automatic reset of preprocessor definitions if shader fails to compile after changing one
Added UAC shield and button to cover global Vulkan layer checkbox in setup tool when not running with elevated privileges
Changed "Reset all to default" button to also reset preprocessor defines
Changed Vulkan layer installation location to HKLM instead of HKCU if the global option is selected
Improved SPIR-V code generation for performance mode in Vulkan
Fixed D3D9 render state block setup using invalid states (fixes artifacts in Sims 4)
Fixed missing buffers in OpenGL depth buffer detection
Fixed OpenGL depth buffer override
Fixed cropped OpenGL depth buffers (in emulators, like CEMU)
Fixed missing buffers in D3D9 depth buffer detection when "Copy before clear operations" is active (e.g. Mass Effect 2)
Fixed keys getting stuck in down state (e.g. when Alt + Tabing):
ReShade will now automatically reset the key state when it has not been updated for more than 5 seconds
Fixed UI corruption with lots of text on the screen
Fixed cursor position if render window was not visible during the creation
Fixed floating-point display precision for sliders
Fixed constant folding for matrix index expressions
Fixed setup crash if Vulkan layer installation was not successful
Removed debug logging code from D3D9 that was left in by accident

ASUS Prime Z590M-Plus | Intel i5 11400F | 32GB (2x16) DDR4 G.SKILL Aegis Gaming 3200MHz
512GB Adata XPG SX8200 Pro | 27"AOC 27G2U | Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 XT
be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 850W | Metallic Gear by Phanteks NEO Micro V2 Black

 Předmět: Re: reshade 4.5.1
PříspěvekZaslal v: so 21. prosinec 2019, 13:56 
Středně pokročilý
Středně pokročilý
Obrázek uživatele

Založen: 14. březen 2004
Bydliště: Ostrava Poruba

Added "Ctrl + H" replace support to a code editor
Added option to save a screenshot with user interface visible
Fixed hooking in Alan Wake
Fixed inverted shaders and artifacts in OpenGL games (happens because of a driver bug, so had to disable the use of SPIR-V there again)
Fixed missing OpenGL depth buffer copy in Dolphin
Fixed current OpenGL context getting lost when a different one is deleted but not current (WineD3D now works with ReShade)
Fixed OpenGL depth buffer detection for when pixel format does not contain depth
Fixed multiple ReShade instances in the same process interfering with each other by forcing a single instance
ReShade will now exit immediately if another instance was found in the same process already.
Fixed crash when pressing "Shift + Tab" in code editor with an empty line selected
Fixed crash when searching backward in code editor with the cursor at the end of a line
Fixed uniform offset calculation for matrices in SPIR-V code generation

ASUS Prime Z590M-Plus | Intel i5 11400F | 32GB (2x16) DDR4 G.SKILL Aegis Gaming 3200MHz
512GB Adata XPG SX8200 Pro | 27"AOC 27G2U | Sapphire Radeon RX 6800 XT
be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 850W | Metallic Gear by Phanteks NEO Micro V2 Black

 Předmět: Re: reshade 4.5.1
PříspěvekZaslal v: ne 22. prosinec 2019, 04:57 
Mírně pokročilý
Mírně pokročilý

Založen: 10. srpen 2005
Vyzkoušel jsem nejnovější verzi na dx12 v Metro exodus a zatím se zdá, že funguje velmi dobře.... vynikající práce, jen tak dál... :)

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