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Autor:  Krteq [ út 19. květen 2020, 18:19 ]
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Microsoft oznámil DirectX12 pro Linux/WSL! (ale jako closed-source :/ )
Part of this DirectX work for Linux involves a new "DXGKRNL" Linux kernel driver for exposing the DirectX graphics adapters to the Linux user-space through the WSL2 setup. The DXGKRNL driver interfaces with the Windows host via a VM bus connection. Multiple GPUs will be supported.

The more interesting work is in user-space with Microsoft to provide a "real and full D3D12 API" for Linux. "This is the real and full D3D12 API, no imitations, pretender or reimplementation here… this is the real deal. libd3d12.so is compiled from the same source code as d3d12.dll on Windows but for a Linux target."
Phoronix - Microsoft Announces Direct3D 12 For Linux / WSL2
//DirectX blog - DirectX is coming to the Windows Subsystem for Linux

MS očekává že DX12 pro linux bude součástí WDDMv2.9

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