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 Předmět: Radeon SW Adrenalin Edition 19.3.2 - 14.3.2019
PříspěvekZaslal v: čt 14. březen 2019, 20:59 
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Založen: 14. březen 2004
Bydliště: Ostrava Poruba
Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.2.

This release adds support for the launch of Tom Clancy's The Division 2 as well as performance improvements for the recently launched Sid Meier's Civilization® VI: The Gathering Storm.

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition, designed to give gamers deeply immersive gameplay and inspired by today’s era of social, connected gaming.

With this release, we are also happy to announce support for Microsoft's DirectX 12 on Windows 7.
This feature is supported in the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.2 launch driver and onward releases for game titles that have implemented this feature.

Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.2 Highlights

Support For
Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm

Up to 4% average performance gains on AMD Radeon VII with Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.2 vs 19.2.3. RS-288

DirectX® 12 on Windows®7 for supported game titles
AMD is thrilled to help expand DirectX® 12 adoptions across a broader range of Windows operating systems with Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 18.12.2 and onward, which enables consumers to experience exceptional levels of detail and performance in their games.

Fixed Issues

Radeon ReLive for VR may sometimes fail to install during Radeon Software installation.
Fan curve may fail to switch to manual mode after the manual toggle is switched when the fan curve is still set to default behavior.
Changes made in Radeon WattMan settings via Radeon Overlay may sometimes not save or take effect once Radeon Overlay is closed.

Known Issues

Rainbow Six Siege™ may experience intermittent corruption or flickering on some game textures during gameplay.
DOTA™2 VR may experience stutter on some HMD devices when using the Vulkan® API.
Mouse cursors may disappear or move out of the boundary of the top of a display on AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics.
Performance metrics overlay and Radeon WattMan gauges may experience inaccurate fluctuating readings on AMD Radeon VII.

Added Vulkan® Support

This extension allows the depth clipping operation, that is normally implicitly controlled by the driver to be controlled explicitly by the application instead. This is useful for translating Direct3D content, which assumes depth clamping is always enabled, but depth clip can be controlled by the DepthClipEnable rasterization state.
This extension allows applications to set a priority value at memory allocation time, which could be used to determine which allocations are more likely to remain in device local memory if heap limits are reached.
This extension adds support for querying the amount of memory used and the total memory budget for a memory heap.
This extension formally defines how to synchronize memory accesses to the same memory locations performed by multiple shader invocations.
This extension allows developers to obtain more debug information. When combined with validation layers, more detailed feedback on the application's use of Vulkan can be further obtained.
This extension adds support for automatically resolving multisampled depth/stencil attachments in a subpass in a similar manner as for color attachments.
This extension allows the use of 16-bit floating-point types and 8-bit integer types in shaders for arithmetic operations and improves the usability of those types by adding implicit conversions.
This extension adds transform feedback to the Vulkan API by exposing the SPIR-V TransformFeedback and GeometryStreams capabilities to capture vertex, tessellation or geometry shader outputs to one or more buffers.

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 19.3.2 Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit ... -Mar14.exe

Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 19.3.2 Driver for Windows® 7 64-bit ... -Mar14.exe

<-MB-> MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX | <-CPU-> AMD Ryzen 3600X | <-RAM-> 16GB DDR4 GOODRAM IRDM PRO 3600MHz CL17
<-SSD-> 512GB Adata XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 NVME | 23.8" LCD Acer SA240YA | <-GPU-> Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 5700XT (ref)
<-PSU-> be quiet! Pure Power 11 500W | <-PC CASE-> SilentiumPC Brutus M10 | Windows 10 Enterprise x64

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